Fatal error
Welcome to your bin! Never again write down a note from a screen and enter it into your smart phone. Never again email yourself a snippet to access it on your tablet. Well, actually, you will probably do exactly that for the last time with the ID below :).

Check below for more information on your bin ID.

Just put stuff into your bin and access it from all your devices. Check your bin ID below and set it on your other devices.

It's like: "Beam me up, Scotty!"
Below is your current bin ID. Enter this bin ID on another device to access this bin.

You should not enter private data such as passwords into your bin. Somebody might try to guess your ID.

If you are changing the bin ID below, the previous entry will be lost. If you would like to keep the content of your current bin, save the ID somewhere.

You can also enter whatever bin ID you like. But please note: The simpler the bin ID, the easier it will be to guess the ID. There might be times you even want a bin ID to be easy to guess, e. g. if you want to share a bin. But remember, everybody who knows or guesses the ID will be able to read and write into the bin!